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We carry out MOT Testing on Motorcycles (Classes 1 & 2) and Cars (Class 4)

Class 1 & 2 Testing
We began testing motorcycles in July 2002. We were the only station in Lichfield offering bike MOT's for a few years. Whilst other garages now compete with us we feel we offer good value for money and a fair deployment of the test standards.
Our motorcycle MOT Tests are currently £28.00 for solo machines and £32.00 for sidecar outfits. Our Testing bay has a viewing area so you are welcome to watch your bike being tested. We own bikes ourselves and know the importance of caring for your "pride & joy"...
Although our MOT Tests are operated on an appointment basis a quick 'phone call and we can often accommodate your needs fairly swiftly.
If you have any queries regarding motorcycle testing you can speak to Graham or David directly on 01543 263868 or email

Class 4 Testing

 Our class 4 station began testing in 1979. We operate an appointment system for MOT's with a choice of either waiting while the test is carried out or leave the vehicle with us. We feel we offer a value for money service and carry out our tests to current VOSA standards. We can quote for most repairs should your vehicle not meet the test requirements, but you are not obliged to use us for repairs.

We offer 1 free re-test  provided the re-test is carried out within 10 working days.

Our class 4 MOT tests are currently £45.00

Should you wish to discuss any matter of Class 4 testing please call Graham, Justin or David on 01543 263868 or email

Telepone us now to make your booking 01543 263868

Email for MOT Tests


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